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Best flooring options for kids who love to play indoors

If you have kids of growing age, especially teenagers with love for football and similar games, you need floors that can survive all the harsh treatment. In fact with young kids, whether they are learning to crawl or are running in and out of the house with muddy shoes and belongings, you need to be cautious about your flooring and how you care for it. If you are lucky and have a chance to change the flooring at the right time, you must choose a kid’s friendly flooring option that can easily offer you long years of survival even under such harsh punishment.

As a responsible parent, you must look out for floors that are safe for your kids and at the same time offer you returns on your investment. If you are one such parent hunting for the right flooring option for playful kids, here are a few considerations.

Hardwood Flooring

Voted the best kids friendly option bet the best Dallas Flooring Companies, Hard Flooring should be the first option on your list. First of all, hardwood flooring, as compared to any there flooring type, is easy to clean. Secondly, it is hard and sturdy which means that it is ready for the years of torment of your kids. Even if you see some nicks and scratches, a little sanding can fix the look and shape of your hardwood floors.

Unlike carpeting, hardwood is not a trapping machine for dust, dirt, animal dander and there impurities. Whether you have young babies or sensitive children, you do not have to worry about allergies if you have hardwood floors at home.

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However, the experts explain that choosing the right wood type is the key to the efficacy of hardwood flooring.

Some of the considerable hardwood choices include red oak, white oak, Australian Cypress, Brazilian cherry and more.

If you are in favor of buying hardwood flooring, you must try and choose lighter colors. Light colored hardwood floors show nicks and scratches less. Because you have active kids, choosing distressed flooring is also recommended as the vary shapes and designs can hide a lot of misfortune of the floors. You must also look for engineered wood and waterproof options to ensure complete safety.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is voted as the most kid friendly flooring option by experts. Although it is categorized under hardwood category, Bamboo actually is a grass and not a wood. The reason for its popularity is its durable nature and hardness. It is virtually resistant to any type of wear and tear.

Bamboo flooring is also considered as an eco-friendly option. The abundance of bamboo across the globe makes it an easily available and cost-effective flooring for kid’s room. You can find variety of bamboo flooring options in the market and choose an appropriate one for your rooms.

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Laminate flooring

The popularity of laminate flooring is growing with each passing day. It is a versatile flooring option that satisfy a variety of needs for different rooms in the house. If you want a cheaper way to install hardwood flooring on your house, you must choose laminate flooring. It resembles hardwood flooring but comes at a cheaper price and is considerably cheaper. There is no need of waxing the floor, r polishing it frequently ad it can maintain its original shape and aesthetics for a long term with minimal care. Besides, cleaning t is very easy ad you can easily vacuum and mop it. Even if you get scratches and holes on the flooring, you can easily fix it using a wax crayon or wall putty.

It is an excellent choice for kids, because it does not collect animal dander, molds, allergens, dead skin or dirt. Moreover, any accidental damage to the laminate is easy to treat and restore.

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Vinyl Flooring

One of the most rough and tough options for a home with kids is Vinyl flooring. It is made of vinyl sheets and is resistant to a wide range of wear and tear. It comes with a decent price tag and is easier to maintain.  As easy as it is to care for, it is impossible to wear and tear this sturdy flooring option. You can chose your preferred finish and ensure that you have the best look in your home. However, the only downside of Vinyl flooring is that it is made of artificially processed material and is not at all eco-friendly. If you do not buy a branded variety, you can also expose your kids to VOC’s which proves lethal in long term.

Rubber flooring

If you have small kids at home roaming around, rubber flooring is the best, it is ideal for toddlers and young kids as it prevents injuries from accidental slip and fall. Moreover, it has a significant lifespan which ca last as long as 25 years. The synthetic nature of the rubber is certainly one concern for parents. However, this is an easy to maintain and clean flooring option for kids.

These are some of the best flooring options that you can consider for your kid’s room. Makes sure you make the right choice and have the most suitable, easy to clean and maintain and affordable flooring in your home. Kids would play always, instead of calling them every other time, allow them to play on a floor that is suitable for their way of entertainment.

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