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Best coffee and coffee shop in Singapore

If we talk about Singapore, it can’t be separated from the best coffee in Singapore, in Singapore itself, there are many legendary coffee shops that serve a special menu in the form of a cup of Kopitiam, a plate of bread with srikaya jam, and half-boiled eggs.

The presence of this shop started because of the arrival of Chinese immigrants from the island of Hainan who influenced the development of food and drink in the Lion country.

Not only Hainanese chicken rice, Singapore is also known for its coffee shops which now have branches in various countries.

Specialty Coffee Shop in Singapore, every place has a variety of characters and a unique atmosphere, and unique taste. The coffee culture in Singapore is similar to that in other countries in general, where their coffee tastes are quite broad, ranging from Tiam coffee, international franchise cafes, and specialty coffee.

The specialty coffee trend in Singapore started at almost the same time as other places, marked by the emergence of several independent roasters who know their coffee beans from upstream to downstream. Now that it has been running for several years, the average that survives is indeed what has been tested for quality and enjoyment.

The following are some of the best specialty coffee shops in Singapore, one of which is the oldest Hainanese coffee shop in Singapore, first opened in 1919 at 67 Killiney Road. Operational Manager of Killiney Kopitiam, William said that originally this coffee shop had the name Kheng Hoe Heng Coffeeshop.

Until then a loyal customer named Woon Tek Seng bought the coffee shop in 1992 and turned it into the Killiney Kopitiam that is known today.

Then there is The Glasshouse which is located in chimes. Chijmes itself is a former monastery that was later converted into a compound consisting of various cafes, restaurants, pubs to lifestyle centers all in that place. The Glasshouse can be said to be one of the visitors’ favorite tenants. It is considering The Glasshouse is a coffee shop with an interior design that is rich in natural light, indoor plants, and minimalist furniture with soft natural color tones and attracts the attention of every eye which sees how elegant the cafe is.

The coffee beans used in the cafe can be said to be quite diverse, sometimes you can find coffee beans from Myanmar, of them. So if you relax by drinking coffee in this place it will be quite exciting too, because we can taste their artisan sourdough bread.

Of course, don’t miss another best coffee place in Singapore, The Coffee Academics, which started in Causeway Bay Hong Kong, and currently has flagship stores in Singapore and Thailand. They are often included in the list of the best coffee shops in Asia and the world in various articles. Meanwhile, the blend of coffee beans has been ranked 3 in the world and number 1 in Asia. It’s really amazing what the cafe has achieved.

The coffee beans themselves are obtained from small plantations in various countries. Of course, there will be many stories to be told if we can talk to the barista or roaster at The Coffee Academics. Because there will be many stories, experiences, and unique things to share.

And of course, there are still many of the best coffee places in Singapore and maybe not all of them can be discussed one by one in this article.

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