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Talking about coffee or cold brew, most Singaporeans think that coffee is not the same as regular coffee, it is even more delicious. Unlike Arabica beans that are commonly used in many cafes, Robusta beans are slightly more acidic and have a stronger flavor roasted in a pan with sugar and margarine until they turn a dark brown color.

Then a these coffee beans are ground and brewed using a silver kettle and sock filter. Coffee is served in many styles, and the basic version is coffee brewed by mixing condensed milk and sugar. The next time you visit a culinary hawker center, try to order a variety of coffee and keep reading for a practical coffee guide.

Apart from snacks and cold drinks. in Singapore hawker drinks that you must try. You can find the following beverages in all of Singapore’s Hawker Centers. Here are some snacks that you can hunt for when traveling to Singapore!

These drinks are definitely available all over the country. In Singapore, there are several coffees such as Kopi-O, ​​Kopi-C, Kopi-C Empty, Kopi-sui-dai, and others. Kopi-O is black coffee with added sugar, O means black in Hokkien dialect. Are you a coffee lover? You can order Kopi-o for a thicker brew or Kopi-O Blank for coffee with only water added, and sweetened condensed milk if you like. Meanwhile, if you like to drink caffe latte, try Kopi-C. C in Kopi-C is Carnation, or what is known as the brand of sweetened condensed milk. As for Kopi-sui-dai, it is “less sweet” coffee, for those of you who don’t really like sweets.

Singaporean cuisine is inseparable from the existence of a legendary coffee shop that serves a special menu in the form of a cup of Kopitiam, a plate of bread with srikaya jam, and half-boiled eggs.

The presence of this shop started because of the arrival from of Chinese immigrants from the island of Hainan who influenced the development of food and drink in the Lion country.

The best coffee in singapore. Coffee is one of the favorite drinks enjoyed by various groups of people. The increasing interest in coffee has an impact on the development of coffee shops developments around the world. There are many variants of coffee that you can find today.

There are several legendary coffee shops in Singapore that are able to display a distinctive taste and aroma. Usually, coffee is made using premium beans by roasting and processing independently.

If you are a coffee lover, Nylon Coffee Roasters is a culinary destination that you must visit while in Singapore. You can enjoy a variety of coffee menus made from coffee beans from various parts of the world.

In addition, Nylon roasts the coffee beans according to customer preferences. This coffee shop conducts experiments objectively so that you can enjoy espresso blends that will permanently change every season.

If you are confused about choosing a drink between coffee and tea, you can also try this drink! Yuanyang, also known as Cham Coffee, is a milk tea drink mixed with coffee. Cham in Hokkien means “mix” or “mix”. The taste will take you by surprise, in between tea and coffee. You can enjoy Yuanyang with Kaya Toast to make it more delicious.

Actually, there are still many delicious and refreshing snacks. You can get these drinks in all hawker centers in Singapore, such as at Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street or Adam Road Food Centre, 2 Adam Road.

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