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are a tennis net and a pickleball net of the same height

Tennis and Pickleball are two popular games that serve as a fun way to stay active and social. They are both played on an enclosed court with a net at each end. While they’re similar in many ways, there are some key differences between playing tennis versus pickleball. One of these is the height of the nets used in each sport; tennis nets are lower than pickleball nets because tennis players want to be able to hit balls over them while pickleball players want to hit under them.

How tall is a tennis net?

The height of a tennis net is 3.6 meters, or 11 feet 6 inches. This measurement was chosen to ensure that players on average-sized courts could easily get over it and under it with their serves. This also makes for an exciting game that’s not too easy to play but also not impossible for newbies to pick up quickly.

The Best Portable Tennis Net For The Money

If you are looking for the best portable tennis net system, then it is important that you consider the following factors:

  • The type of folding mechanism. Folding mechanisms vary from one product to another, with some requiring manual labor and others being self-locking systems. You should always go with a self-locking system as it will save you time when setting up or taking down your portable tennis net system.
  • Weatherproofing capabilities. You’ll want a portable tennis net that can withstand rain and sun without any damage at all costs because if this happens, then the structure may not last very long before breaking down completely. Another thing worth mentioning here is that most people will use these types of products outdoors so this factor becomes even more crucial than the others mentioned above!

What is the height of a pickleball net?

When it comes to the height of a pickleball net, there’s one thing you should know: it is not 7.5 feet tall. That’s the height of a tennis net. In fact, the height of a pickleball net is much shorter than that—only 6 feet high. So why does this matter?

The short answer is that unlike tennis, which can be played outdoors or indoors, pickleball was designed specifically for indoor play (it even has its own set of rules). This means that you won’t need as high a net if there are few obstacles for your ball to hit—in other words, no trees or buildings in your way!

Difference between tennis and pickleball

Both tennis and pickleball are played on a court, both with a ball, and both with rackets. Read this guide on beginner tips for pickleball players  to give you more tips on how to properly hit the ball. If you hit below the net, it’s considered out of bounds.

Tennis and pickleball are similar but there are differences such as the height of the net.

Tennis and pickleball are both racquet sports, but they play very differently. The main difference between the two is that a tennis court’s dimensions are 23 feet wide by 50 feet long with a net height of 7 feet at each end, while in pickleball, the court dimensions are 20 feet wide by 44 feet long with a net height of 4 feet at each end. In addition to these differences in court size and net height, there are also some significant rules differences between tennis and pickleball.

For example:

  • Tennis balls are larger than pickleball;
  • You can hit a tennis ball as hard as you want but in pickleball, you cannot hit your opponent’s paddle more than twice per point;
  • In pickleball if there’s an obstruction on your side of the court then your opponent gets an automatic point whereas this isn’t true in tennis (obstruction calls will be made by an official);


The height of the net is a big factor in both tennis and pickleball. The height of the net determines whether or not you will be able to hit a ball over it. If the net is too low, then you may not be able to hit certain shots because your opponent will have time to get out of the way before the ball gets there.

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