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Animal Crossing New Horizons – 5 DATAMINED Features You Don’t Know

Welcome to another Animal Crossing video, talking about data thinking in Animal Crossing New Horizons, now it’s known that all the big stuff has been data mined, like the cafe, Brewster and Gyro, but there are actually a lot of other really fascinating features that have been data mined this year or last year.

It’s fun to bring attention to all this cool stuff that a lot of players don’t seem to know about and there are some really interesting hidden things.

Home customisation

Who likes home customisation? Because even though we don’t have as many Animal Crossing New Horizons items to use indoors, their interface in this game is a big improvement on previous games, which was heavily inspired by the Happy Family Designer of Animal Crossing, a spin-off series of games. This is a spin off game from that series This game introduces a lot of home customisation and one of the really cool things is ceiling items, which is definitely a popular feature in that game, so you can hang some really cool items like chandeliers, lanterns etc from the ceiling, not just the walls.

The interesting thing about this game with lots of different Animal Crossing items is that the ceiling items are actually data mined by Ninji, which is a famous Animal Crossing New Horizons data miner, now that’s fascinating because there’s no real sight of these things yet, like a lot of other data mining stuff, and of course there’s no guarantee they’ll work. There’s certainly no guarantee they’ll be in the game either, but it seems clear here that this refers to potential ceiling ACNH items and it’s impossible to imagine what else that means, but it’s worth noting that data mines are often misunderstood and they could be something different altogether, coming back from the Animal Crossing Happy Home designers who have introduced a lot of new types of tools in recent years, so if they also introduce some ceiling items on them to give us a new type of item, it would be interesting.

The last thing we get is that this will allow for more customisation, which will allow players to have more customisation of their house, which will be a welcome return feature for those who haven’t played Happy Home Designer, and to be honest, there are probably a lot of people who haven’t played Happy Home Designer, and it would be great for them to see some of the really great features that Happy Home Designer has. For example you can create ambience in your home, you can have the sounds of the sea, or the chirping of the birds, you can say it, Happy Home Designer has a lot of cool features and they can be more present in the new vision of Animal Crossing, it’s all about the bushes now and it’s really nice when they actually come back to Animal Crossing.

Plum bushes

In the April 2020 update, believe it or not, interesting stuff was unearthed by Ninj’s data, that said there is another bush that hasn’t been seen in the game yet and that is the plum bush, which will be another new bush type that is being introduced in Animal Crossing. The fact that plum is a thing in Animal Crossing’s Pocket Camp would be a great thing to see and hopefully it will be something we see sometime in the future.

If they do introduce a new bush, it will be kind of random, especially considering the current bushes are designed to fill every gap, so not sure if this will be in the game. They are a great way to customise and decorate the island. Plumeria bush-wise, it just seems like a relic that Nintendo might not introduce in this version, but it must be seen that if they do, it would be great to have something new to buy from the leaves that will never deny more bushes. There’s a lot of these things mentioned in the game’s code to make people believe we’re going to see a big cooking update.

There are already a lot of different things to craft in the game like tools, fences etc but it would be really interesting if they introduced sewing and cooking machines, it would definitely add a new dynamic, it would work exactly the same as if you were crafting other things, you just use ingredients like food and then use the ingredients from the sewing machine to make these items but it would definitely add a really nice new dynamic.

DIY recipes

Introducing more DIY recipes into the game is something they haven’t done in months, so if we see a bigger update, we could see more DIY recipes. Costume making is a big thing in Animal Crossing, you can make costumes in the game but it’s not a big thing, at least not in the way that costume making is. If they get some inspiration from there, maybe only by handcrafting the clothes they get, it would be a good way to get some new items and collect DIY recipes.

Stony found some codes on the Animal crossing new horizons discord server that might suggest that we might see fence customization at some point in the future, custom fences that we don’t get in the game at some point in the future, like a white fence, which is something that people really want, so that could hint that we might see custom fences at some point in the future, maybe Nintendo just left it out for some reason, it would be a great feature that could help people make their islands look more unique, further customising items is honestly a good idea.

They only have one version which feels very disappointing so being able to customise all the different fences that have different looks would really help to bring new life to people’s islands as just changing the fences from one way to another would make the different islands feel more unique.

Brewster’s café

Of course, it’s interesting that it’s only recently surfaced, because it might hint that it might be coming sooner than we thought, and we’ve seen previous data mines, for example, in the code of the game where the dream suite stuff happened, and then basically seen it afterwards, which of course doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to happen.

Because Brewster’s cafe has been data mined to appear in the museum In fact, something else that has also been mined by Ninji and others in the museum is that the shop in the museum can also be upgraded. This has been completely forgotten and I believe references to it have actually disappeared so maybe it’s no longer a thing, but so has the cafe, but references to it in the game code have actually come back so it could be interesting to see the museum shop or some form of it return to Animal Crossing’s new vision at some point in the future.

It would offer a lot more gameplay than a cafe, because you could open up your own exhibits in that game, decorate them and display what you want, and not only that, it could mean that Celeste finally gets a chance to work full-time in a shop like she did in Animal Crossing. She won’t just be wandering around your island when they become meteors, which could also mean we could see the return of Silver Tools, which is where you got them in Animal Crossing, and some other cool museum-themed items in this little shop.

It would be a really great upgrade for them to come at the same time, but if I had to guess, I’d say the cafe is probably more likely to come If we get both of those things at the same time, that’s absolutely incredible! Buy cheap ACNH items can do better in Animal Crossing New Horizons, AKRPG.COM is a reliable website.