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Aconcagua Expeditions – Data and statistics about Aconcagua

Teachers led the work on Aconcagua from the Faculty of Exact Sciences (UNR), who concluded that “the preliminary values ​​indicate that it measures a few meters more than those indicated in previous investigations.”

According to the study, the hill today measures 6,964.4 meters, almost two and a half meters more than the official value; the National Geographic Institute will carry out new tests to confirm it.

Rosario researchers determined that Cerro Aconcagua would be higher than the Aconcagua treks  official records. The study, carried out with a satellite method located on the highest mountain in America, specified that today it measures 6,964.4 meters, almost two and a half meters more than the calculated value.

As detailed, the information was obtained through a satellite monitoring station installed five years ago at the top of the hill. From the measurements obtained, it was possible to deduce that the height of Aconcagua referred to the mean sea level in the World Altimetric System is higher than that determined by official records.

The National Geographic Institute will carry out further tests to confirm it and update the official data based on the new results. “This value must still be adjusted with more precision processing that will result in the final height of Mount Aconcagua and the Aconcagua ascents,” the researchers clarified. At 86 years old, the Japanese Yuichiro Miura is training for a new challenge in his exciting life, ascending Aconcagua. At the same time, he dreams of crowning Everest for the fourth time and breaking his record as the longest-lived person to do so. Aconcagua “is a wonderful mountain. It has a peak of about 7,000 meters high, and it gives me the feeling that I am getting closer to the universe,” the skier told the EFE agency. The list of his merits spans the seven continents, and he has conquered peaks as high as Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), McKinley (Alaska), and Elbrús (Russia). However, his most significant milestone is the triple ascent of Everest with 70, 75, and 80 years.

His love for skiing and the mountains was instilled in him by his father, Keizo Miura, one of the first professional skiers in Japan, something that he has passed on to his sons and grandchildren. They say that only 30 percent of the people I imagine are over 40 and manage to reach the top of Aconcagua. I am twice my age, but I would like to take this challenge.