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A Detailed Guide to Convert Word Files to PDF using PDFBear

Since the online learning setup is somewhat a foreign concept, you probably faced a lot of challenges. It may range from the most difficult to the easiest one. The majority of students consider file conversion as part of the former. It is most likely that you feel the same way because you encountered it multiple times already. You probably even availed of software just to stop piling up digital documents that need to undergo the conversion process. But because of its complicated interface, it took you hours to convert documents successfully. 

There is now an increasing demand for a better and innovative way of transforming one file format to another. Instead of software and application, consider using PDFBear. It is an online-based tool that can convert your documents in under a minute. It will not compromise the safety and integrity of your files despite a quick and easy process.

Step-by-step guide to convert Word to PDF

As a student, most of your requirements should be in portable document format. But before you can have this type of document, you must first use editable formats, such as Microsoft Word. Did you ever look for a way to convert a requirement from Word to PDF a few minutes before the deadline? Since you were not aware of PDFBear, you probably failed miserably. It is among the online tools that can transform documents in just a blink of an eye. Even if its conversion process is too short, it still ensures that it can meet your expectation when it comes to quality.

For you to reach the website, grab a device and connect it to stable internet. It has more than 20 services and you will see them all in one place. Under the convert to PDF tool, click the converter for changing Word to PDF. To successfully convert documents, follow the three simple steps below.

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Step 1. Upload the Word document on PDFBear

Uploading the Word document on the website should not last a minute if you have a strong internet connection. If you are using a computer, it is best to utilize the drag and drop option in uploading the document. It will save you from the hassle of manually browsing through your device storage. But if you are using a smartphone, just click the select files button on the center of the screen. 

Step 2. The conversion process will start

After you successfully uploaded the file on the website, the converter will immediately scan the texts and pages. You don’t have to do anything anymore but wait for the converter to finish the conversion process. It will end in under a minute which is much shorter than you expected. 

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Step 3. Download the document on your device

The last step you should take is downloading the document to avoid repeating the process. Take note that after an hour of uploading, the file will no longer be accessible, even if you are the owner. It is one of the safety measures implemented by the website. 

3 exceptional characteristics of PDFBear

Highly accessible on any device

There is now a decline in demand for applications, tools, and software that are only accessible using a specific device. Gone are the days when you needed to borrow a laptop from your sibling to make reports in Word documents and transform them into PDFs.

With PDFBear, you can now perform these tasks using any device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or desktop. You can do them in just one sitting. It used to be a strenuous process wherein you have to wait for a long period before you can enjoy downloading the converted file. Thanks to this website, you can now convert any documents whenever you need and wherever you are.

Guarantees a safe process of converting documents

If you placed confidential information on your document, you are probably hesitant to upload it on the website. But PDFBear guarantees its users a safe process of converting documents. As mentioned earlier, after a limited time, the SSL connection will make all uploaded files inaccessible.

In case the document is for personal use only, you can use the website’s protect PDF feature. It will let you encrypt your documents making them free from access by unauthorized persons. When the time comes that you want to get rid of the encryption, you can also use its unlock PDF feature.

The conversion process takes place on the cloud

Since the conversion process will happen on the cloud, it will not consume any of your device’s storage. You can still use the website smoothly even if it is nearing full memory. The website will also give you an option to save the files on the cloud to make them accessible when you use other devices.

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You should utilize PDFBear now more than ever to make the online learning setup bearable. Deciding not to use it would reduce your efficiency and productivity. For instance, it would be hard for you to submit requirements in the specified format without a converter tool.  To know the maximum potential of the website, you can check out their pro-account. It will provide you with unlimited usage of its services without restrictions. You can easily convert pdf to word from this version of sodapdf

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