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A Complete Explanation Guide of Football Betting – Basic Rules, How to Play, Winning methods

Over the long years, Soccer, the most popular sports bet, has so many leagues and matches. Of course, you can bet not only on Thailand but also on games from all over the world, such as Spain, England, Brazil, and the United States. You can bet on various results such as the first scorer and hat-trick as well as the prediction of the outcome.

With its continuity, numerous online casinos are allowed to bet on football with the evolution of technology. When playing soccer betting with a reliable online casino like Lagalaxy, comparing soccer odds to get the best odds has a significant impact on your winnings. Since each company has different odds, even a small difference in odds will make a big difference in the winning amount, especially when spending a lot of money.

Whatever; for those who want to start football betting, this page introduces a glossary of football betting that is useful to know about these betting methods. So in the section below, the article lists basic used methods and some useful betting terms to know and gain a better win.

How to play and betting on Football Match: 

There are not a few strong and weak in every sport, and football is not exceptional in the world of sports books; the strong one is called Favorite, and the weak one is called Underdog.

When predicting which one will win, if Favorite Underdogs compete under the same conditions and payouts under the same conditions, the favorites will naturally become popular and will not bet. In general, two methods are used to make this fair.

The first is to change the odds: the payout ratio, as in horse racing. This is called a money line, and it is the most common method that even Thailand people who are not familiar with foreign football can easily understand.

The second method is to give a handicap of points in advance, and the favorite side wins if the score is more than that point, and if not, it loses even if it wins the game. It is not uncommon for odds to fluctuate in seconds as the game unfolds.

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The Most Popular Winging Betting Method for Soccer:

You can enjoy soccer betting with any betting method, but the best soccer betting odds using the soccer odds comparison of the soccer betting odds is still useful information. Here is give some useful betting methods.

Over-Under betting methods:

The over-under bet is a bet that tells you whether the total score of the match is higher or lower than expected.

For example, if you bet on Under2, no matter which team wins, you win if the score is 1-0, refund if 1-1 or 2-0, 0-2, lose if 3 points or more. It becomes.1×2 is the most standard betting method for winning, losing, and drawing, and it is easy to get used to, so it is suitable for beginners.

Asian Handicap betting methods:

With a handicap, the match starts with points added to a specific team from the beginning. For example, if you bet Manchester U + 1, it will be judged as Man U’s victory even if the match ends with 0-0.

Live Betting Methods:

Live betting is a betting method that bets on the winning team while watching the flow of the game and is suitable for those who can read the flow of the soccer game.

How to calculate Soccer calculated Odds:

When you bet on soccer online, the casino operators determine the best soccer betting odds by taking into account each team’s strength and compatibility, home and away performance, and more.

Since the margin (profit of the body) differs depending on the soccer online casino, it is important to compare the soccer odds listed in the Thailand version of soccer betting odds. The expected value is the theoretical value that the bet money will be returned.

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