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5 Ways To Protect Your Drainage From Being Blocked

Water is a resource available in abundance. It comes through pipelines and rarely finds thinking about it. Take a minute and think, what if you wake up tomorrow and there’s no water. What if you turn on the tap, there is water though it is not going down the pipe due to blocked drains?

How To Protect Drains From Being Blocked?

The key is precautions.

  • For instance, if you are aware that you encounter hair fall each time you wash your hair, then having a guard over your drain is perfect.

People look for instant solutions once they have encountered the problem. Instead, one should take help from past experiences and make use of the knowledge. For example, one can guard in the most used places like the sink, bathtubs and shower. Keeping a guard over the drain will help catch the falling hair, which can be disposed of later.

  • Another most common cause of blockage is leftover food. Instead of doing this, it’s better to keep the dishes away from the sink and give the leftovers to the pets later, then put the dishes in the dishwasher or the washing area. Most sinks get clogged due to the small food particles that get stuck in the thin pipe of kitchen sinks. Even when one calls the agencies to clear out the mess, this is one of the toughest cleanings. Hence, precaution is better than cure.
  • Apart from the target-specific cleaning solutions, there are some ways to maintain drains; one can put hot, steaming water in the metal drains now and then to ensure that the blocked drains do not contain any sticky things within and are squeaky clean.

The hot water helps soften the stuck material inside the pipe. Even if the residue does not move down the pipe, it becomes easier to pull it out or push down later.

  • Some drains go through regular use, and there are high chances of blockage there. In such situations, a cup of vinegar acts as a magic potion. Pour in a cup full of vinegar in the drain and let it sit for around 30 minutes. Later, pour in a few more glasses of water, and you have done your part in protecting and cleaning your pipes.
  • Another piece of advice would be regular treatments like one says that going for regular body checkups is always good. Similarly, having drains and pipes checked for leakages and blockages once every six months sounds good. It will help you avoid any last-minute hazards and give sufficient time to find a good enough cleaning agency.

To summarise, one can say that the main culprits behind the trouble are soap, grease, food, hair, bath toys and oils. These substances cause the most trouble within all drains. If you wish to look for some quick home hacks, relying on baking soda and vinegar as they work wonders due to their acidic properties is best. For other problems, lookup for a backup cleaning service agency to be on the safer side.

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