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5 Excellent office spaces in Sydney

Sydney is famous for many things, including the yacht-studded harbour, stunning beaches, and the iconic Opera House with its towering sail structure. It is home to many buildings and well-known for its architecture and history. You will also find some luxurious offices to admire. Undoubtedly, your employees will adore the offices in Sydney.

With the ongoing pandemic, it may be difficult for you to find office spaces and gather your employees. Well, you can always start early and search for the ideal office space. Also, you will discover fantastic office furniture in Sydney, which you will soon require, once you have decided on the selection of your new office. You may want an office with an overall vibe and the best infrastructure. If that’s the case, you can be sure that your employees will become productive and your business or company will grow in the future. And if that’s your goal, then you need to look out for commercial spaces in Sydney.

But you must be mulling over the many choices of office. And so, this list will be beneficial for you. And you can then go on to purchase the office space as well as the office furniture in Sydney. Let’s check this one by one.

1. Chic Floor-Length Office Space in Gloucester Street

This remarkable property covers the entire floor and has a car parking space as well. This property has been appropriately maintained and includes a classy and modern structure. You will find different offices, large open workspaces, a shower, a bathroom and a kitchen. A multitude of new developments surrounds this commercial building. Also, this is one of the landmarks of the CBD area. After work, your employees may want to hang out; you will need to select a space near restaurants and bars. Well, this is perfect for that. You can indeed have a glimpse of this office at Gloucester Street.

2. A Penthouse Office in the Chanel Building

A penthouse office is every employee’s dream. And what if it is in a Chanel building? That is more like a bonus. Located in Castlereagh Street, you can find this office filled with natural light and a broad and extensive interior. The views over the street are awe-inspiring with the Sydney skyline and King Street. What else can you find in this penthouse property? You will find a reception area and boardroom as well.

3. A Commercial Suite in the Esteemed Trust Building

You can find this splendid suite in the penthouse in the reputable Trust Building. This property offers astounding views of Castlereagh Street, MLC Centre and CBD Skyline. This workplace has a lot of activity, and the main entrance of the building is utterly majestic. With such a suite, your employees will surely enjoy working with your organization.

4. An Executive Office Suite in Wynyard

This executive office suite gives out vibrancy and freshness. This modern suite comprises good natural light with a well-set-up bathroom area, a spacious floor, and a kitchen area. With its prime quality maintenance, this office suite is exactly what your employees need for exciting work culture.

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5. A Luxurious Suite in the Pacific World Trade Centre

This suite provides 24-hour security access, natural light, and a co-working space, too. Your employees will undoubtedly be pleased to work here.

Now that you know some of the properties in Sydney, you can check for their availability and set up your office. You can also buy some contemporary office furniture in Sydney to complement the looks of the property.

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