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5 Best Apps to Play Online Poker with Friends Absolutely Free

It is impossible to imagine modern life without a mobile telephone. The gadget is in our hands every day; we use it both for work and for entertainment. Thanks to it, we can visit the woo casino and enjoy the exciting game. The developers do not disregard such a popular topic as poker. There are various poker apps in GooglePlay, but most of them will not be of interest to those who know a little about the game. Finding programs that are really useful is not easy.

In this article, we present the top 5 poker apps that will be relevant for both beginners and advanced players. Each of them is widespread in the online gambling market in Canada and other countries of the world. The functionality of the programs is very extensive; almost every poker player will find among them something interesting for himself. According to Kevin N. Cochran, who is an expert in poker games, the uniqueness of the apps described below is that gamers can easily play online poker with friends without any payment. Study the below information and start the spectacular game today.

Appeak Poker App

Appeak Poker is a PlayMoney poker app that lets you learn Hold’em without losing your bank account. Appeak Poker is a very useful application not only for beginners but also for advanced players who want to upgrade their skills. This is due to the beautiful graphics and simple interface, as well as the availability of the many poker tables.

More than 500 thousand registered participants already play poker online with friends using this useful application. You may also start an interesting game. It doesn’t matter if you have skills or not; just try it! We are sure that you will like the app!

World Series of Poker App

Word Series of Poker is the most convenient poker app today. Its main features include the following:

  • This game uses random number generation technology to generate random combinations of cards that never repeat;
  • Invite your friends or fans of poker not only from Canada but all over the world – organize local amateur tournaments, or participate in world poker battles for professionals;
  • WSOP rings are game currency. They can be earned in tournaments;
  • Go through a quick registration in the game using the social network Facebook and get $ 1,500 as a bonus;
  • Play in anonymous mode as a guest.

Poker Heat

It is a poker game that has already conquered millions of users around the world, including Canada. For true connoisseurs of such card applications, there are 9 tables with different schedules and players. Start the fight as a rookie, go all the way to a poker player, and become a true legend.

This app is a completely free service. It is not a real money game. You can put all the earned prizes in new rounds, but these points do not go beyond the game table, and it is impossible to transfer them into real money in the future. Poker Heat has a multiplayer mode. That is, you can invite friends to the table online, win chips from them and take first place in the world standings.

Zynga Poker App

This is another popular application that offers players a wide variety of poker games with many tables, participants, and tournaments. Challenge new opponents and improve your skills.

Peculiarities of the game:

  • Get advantages and bonuses, reaching higher levels;
  • Choose a convenient mode depending on your skills;
  • The developers provided a gift of 60,000 chips for installing the application;
  • The daily bonus is $ 45 million in local currency;
  • It is recommended to log in via Facebook to save your main achievements;
  • You can play with friends, relatives, or comrades.


Do you like Texas poker? Then you should use the app PokerUp. You will be able to fight three opponents at the same time and invite people from all over the world to the “battle.” For more variety in the gameplay, you can exchange short video messages between tournaments. Each match won will bring extra points, and at the end of the time, you will be able to take the top rungs in the world table and later become the best poker player.

If you use effective tools for automating surfing the Internet, you can definitely find many apps to play poker online with your friends. However, the 5 ones described in this article are rightfully considered the best. They are efficient, reliable, and free to use. Be sure to try them out.

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