Friday, December 1, 2023
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4 trends that can change the future of technologies.

1. Video Content

Tech experts predict that videos will be the main source of information in a couple of years. Videos are most enjoyable because they are easy to understand and are visually memorable. Growth of people’s interest in video content boosted use of video platforms. Because of “addiction” on videos, YouTube became the most popular video platform on the internet. Many people are using YouTube to promote their products and generate income.  If you want to create a YouTube channel, get YouTube likes first.

2 Multi-experience

Society is adapting more and more to the digital world, which is sometimes much more real than reality itself. Taken to the business world, it is vital to understand how the user perceives the digital world and how he interacts with it.

Users will demand more and more experience. The combination of virtual reality with augmented reality and mixed reality will lead to a multi-sensory and multi-modal experience.

3. Democratization of ‘expertise’

The knowledge generated by companies with the development of their own work tools or models is increasingly shared. By 2023, we expect four key aspects of this trend toward democratization to accelerate:

  1. Democratization of data and analysis
  2. Democratization of development
  3. Democratization of design
  4. Democratization of knowledge

4.Human augmentation

If something is confirmed in this decade, it is that the improvement of the human being thanks to technology has no limits. Cognitive and physical improvements thanks to technology will be the day-to-day of the future that awaits us.