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4 Best Exercises to Do at Home

The pandemic has prevented everyone from stepping out of the house, and this has caused havoc for gym enthusiasts. In these situations, one has to find ways to remain fit by performing exercises at home. Squat racks, weights, and much other equipment are available to take home that one can use for their benefit. Since not every piece of equipment can fit in a house, here are some basic exercises to stay healthy when they cannot visit the gym frequently.

1.   Lunges

Lunges are the best exercise to strengthen every part of the leg. It is also the best warm-up one can use before performing other strenuous workouts. One has to move one leg forward to a comfortable length with their arms straight downwards. After this, push the knee at the back towards the floor, so the other knee makes a 90-degree angle.

This exercise stretches the knees and the legs, allowing one to perform other actions without feeling pain. Perform the same steps at least ten times with each leg for three sets, which should comfortably stretch the legs enough for further exercises.

2.   Squats

Squats are the best exercises for those who experience backaches and spinal problems. It also helps with stretching the hip and reducing pain in certain areas that need flexibility. Squat racks are the best choice for purchase and can efficiently help with easy squatting techniques at home. It burns a considerable amount of calories that many other home exercises cannot.

One has to keep their legs apart at shoulder length and join the hands together at the front. Do not move hands while squatting since it can be detrimental to the process. Make a 90-degree angle with both the knees to the floor without bending them forward. It is the most efficient if one feels stress in their thighs and the lower back of their body.

3.   Burpees

Burpees are a calorie-burner. It takes a lot of energy to perform burpees effectively. One can do this at home with no need for any equipment. Burpees have various motions that can strengthen many parts of the body. It helps with endurance and general body strength.

Stand with legs apart and hands beside the body. Jump to the maximum level possible and immediately squat. After the squat, move the body towards the front and put the hands to the ground. Stretch the legs at the back and bring them back. Get back up and jump again. Repeat the steps 30 times for effective calorie burning.

4.   Planks

Planks are one of the best exercises that most gym enthusiasts find difficult. It is right when they say a plank minute goes by longer than a regular minute. Planks reduce spine problems and provide a strong back.

The exercise is simple and can be performed anywhere on the floor. One has to lay down frontways on the floor and ensure the toes face downwards as well. Raise the body upwards by making a 90-degree angle with both hands that withstand the body’s weight. A proper form can help more than just the back. It strengthens various other muscles like the thighs, shoulders, and others that feel the pressure during the activity. Do it for as long as possible since it is a strenuous exercise that can take too much energy.

Ensure not overdoing any exercise since one should not stress themselves. Research for proper form since a bad form can hurt the body more than it helps. Practice safe exercises at home and do not lift deadweights without assistance.

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