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3 Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are Better For Your Kids

Keeping your kids engaged as they grow into toddlers can be highly crucial. For some parents, it is to free up some time from kids nagging them, while the real purpose of childhood play is pretty different. To begin with, getting toys paves the way in developing physical agility, movement, cognitive skills and creativity. However, the type of toy you choose to buy can extend the skill list beyond this. Children’s wooden toys are aesthetic and better than the go-to plastic and electronic pieces. Though wooden toys may seem old school and unattractive, it isn’t true that kids will not like them. Children’s toys need to be simple so that they can match your kid’s mood anytime.

Perks of Wooden Toys Over Plastic Playthings

The best toys can be of educational significance to kids, and instilling regulated habits, composite thinking and problem-solving at an early age is crucial for today’s competitive world. But unfortunately, one in seven Australian children is affected with some sort of mental disorder, usually ADHD. So, when choosing toys for kids, there are other factors to consider beyond colour, appeal and pattern.

Wooden toys like puzzles and builder’s blocks trigger cognitive skills and come in lovely colours and compact shapes. However, wooden playthings offer other versatile benefits and here is a list of some pros over plastics,

  1. Your Child’s Safety Matters

From clothes to shoes, every stuff you buy for children needs to fit under the safe category. Kids’ playthings have to satisfy the safety feature as kids below the age of five are sensitive and can choke over anything. Kids straightly stick every supply you hand them over onto their mouths and, a plastic toy with metal fixtures isn’t safe in such cases. Also, most metallic toys have sharp edges that can cut and scrape their fingers. Thus, when it comes to safety, the first choice is to opt for children’s wooden toys- they are compact and high-end toys without cheap fixtures or loosening parts.

  1. Initiates A Creative Playtime

Most electronic toys today are more of showtime pieces rather than playthings. Toys that produce lights and anime sounds can seem attractive and engage kids, but they don’t let your kid’s creativity wander. Sometimes, parents get electronic playthings that generate command voices, to which the users oblige. On the flip side, wooden toys are simple but induce your kid’s cognitive ability to work. With minimalist wooden blocks, kids will imagine situations in their minds and let their thoughts wander widely. Be it a wooden angel wand or a bamboo construct, all of them can let your kids create their dream world and grow up as creative adults.

  1. Wooden Toys Last Longer

Most parents would have experienced their kids outgrowing electronic toys soon after the new ones in the market. Also, kids are never gentle with their toys- you can see them tossing over the monster trucks or sliding the remote controls under the couch. Unfortunately, such cases cause most parents to spend more shopping for toys that will be of no use in a few years.

However, wooden toys are highly robust and do not contain electronic parts that will drain or go into repair in no time. Also, they can resist the multiple tosses and throws due to the high-end quality wood they are made out of- precisely, they don’t become old. Wooden playthings are open to getting painted and repainted to give a new experience for your kids any day and get passed over to their siblings. As a result, wooden toys become economical- a single buy to last long.