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3 Best Tuition Centers in Singapore

The demand of tuition centers has increase over the past few years. As the competition increases so does the studies. Parents want to see their kids get good grade so they can get a good job. Due to increasing demand of tuition centers, it is not a question anymore that “Should I send my kids to Science Tuition?” but what is the question that every parents think of is which tuition center is good for their kids.

In order to see your children successful, parents have to find the best science tuition that meet their needs. According to a research, more than 1000 tuition centers are build as the demand increase in Singapore. With such huge number of centers, it is quite difficult to choose the right one for your children. Here in this article, after careful and deep research, we have put together the 3 best science and maths tuition centers in Singapore. All of these centers are good in their own way. You have to choose the one that fulfills your needs.

  • Tutor City

Tutor City is one of the oldest center providing experienced tutors for home tuition, tuition centers, and companies. With over 20,000 tutors database, they are giving friendly environment at affordable price that every parents can afford for their kids future. Only certified teachers are hired by Tutor City and offer their service to students.

Since its working in 2010, they have satisfied over 40,000 parents and all have positive reviews about them. They also allow parents to first interview the teacher and if they get satisfied with their experience, can hire them for their kids.

  • The Pique Lab

The Pique Lab is specialized in providing the best Science tutors to their registered students. They help the kids to succeed in their educational journey. They have integrated the CCI or Complete Concept Integration Methodology to help studies to achieve their distinctive goals.

Their determined and committed teachers are always available to help students in any problem they face in studies. Till 2020, they have helped 10,809 primary school students to achieve their goals in education. The best thing that catches every parent’s attention is their CCI methodology that promises to improve any student in less than 3 months.

  • Aspire Hub

Are you looking for a tuition center that provides holistic life and academic skills programmes, then we recommend you to join Aspire Hub. With more than 13 branches in Singapore, you can access their service from any branch that is close to you.

Since its launch in 2001, they have helped thousands of students to achieve their educational goals. Not only students but they also train the teachers how to teach and how to make a student successful. It is one of the oldest tuition center working in Singapore.

Another good thing about them is they provide customized learning programmes. As we all know every student has different capability to learn and the teacher gives programme to each student that matches its learning ability. The Aspire Hub is serving over 10,000 teachers and students every year.

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