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10 Unique Royal Ascot Facts and Rules

It is almost time for us all to enjoy Royal Ascot once more. As you take your time to seek out the best Royal Ascot 2021 tips, get your finery pressed and pack your posh picnic, we stop to take a look at ten unique Royal Ascot facts and rules. 

  1. The first Royal Ascot meeting took place in 1768. It went from strength to strength in the decades that followed and remains one of the most prestigious and well-loved meets in the horse racing calendar. Known for its star-studded attendance, it is a must attend event for socialites from across the UK. 
  2. Lester Piggott is the most successful flat racing jockey at Royal Ascot. He rode an astonishing 116 Royal Ascot winners between 1952 and 1993. 
  3. In 2015 Royal Ascot didn’t actually take place at Ascot Racecourse. The meet was held at York Racecourse as Royal Ascot was undergoing extensive restoration. The work that took place in 2015 
  4. Despite its royal connections, Royal Ascot has only ever seen one reigning monarch field a winning horse. Estimate – owned by the Queen won in the Gold Cup in 2013 and sent himself and her Majesty into the record books. This was an occurrence that many a horse racing fan was pleased to see as the Queen is famed for her love of horses and horse racing, a trait that she picked up from her father. 
  5. We all know that Ascot is a meet that is loved by the rich, royal and famous. Each year 400 helicopters and 1,000 limos ferry spectators to the race course. This gives you an idea of the wealth involved in this prestigious event. 
  6. When it comes to the races at Royal Ascot, you need to make sure that you turn up looking your best. There is a strict dress code for the meet, and this means that the pictures often show some glamorous and smart outfits. Showing off your finest togs is all part of the fun with Royal Ascot. 
  7. Royal Ascot is known around the world as a must-see event. It has also been featured in many films and also the musical ‘My Fair Lady’. 
  8. One of the most popular (albeit fun) bets of the day concerns the colour of the Queen’s outfit. Pink and yellow seem to be popular hues when it comes to the Queen’s Ascot wardrobe.
  9. The racecourse has longstanding royal connections that began in 1711 when Queen Anne declared it “ideal for horses to gallop at full stretch.”
  10. Food is one of the many attractions of the event, and it is consumed in large quantities. We’re not talking about pineapple and cheese on sticks and a few dry sausage rolls, either. On average 5,000 kilos of salmon, 3,500 lobsters and 5,000 Angus steaks are consumed during the event. The drinks flow freely too with on average 21,000 jugs of Pimms served to thirsty punters and 128,500 bottles of mineral water sold. 

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